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WE Build Website Forms People Love.

We believe the right form makes all the difference. Go from busywork to less work with powerful forms that use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, and automate workflows.


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Simple. Powerful. Connected.
Smart Forms fits all your marketing needs.

We create completely unique forms and really attract user attention

Having and managing a correct marketing strategy is crucial in a fast moving market.

Built-in anti-spam

No need for captcha or reCaptcha with new technology anti-spam built into Green Forms.

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Form styling

We easily style any element of your form with overall styling settings. Tons of options for any needs.

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Multi-step forms

Break your complex form into several steps for better user experience. It’s easy.

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Payment forms

Request users to pay money and perform action after successful payment.

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Conditional logic

Can perform actions on popup fields and elements based on user input and selection.

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Email notifications

Send custom email notifications and user confirmation emails. Use conditional logic, if needed.

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Remote use

We can easily embed any form into 3rd party sites (just copy-paste couple JS/HTML-snippets).

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Field analytics

A set of submitted data can be represented in a convenient way, such as bar charts.

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Multiple displaying modes

Raise form when user clicks any HTML-element, on exit intent, on scrolling, on idle and on page load.

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Popups library

Get access to constantly growing Forms Library with over 200 professionally designed templates.

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Math expressions

We can perform powerful real-time Math expressions based on user input and selection.

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3rd party integrations

Automatically submit user input and selection to popular CRM, marketing and newsletter services.

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HTML-form integration

Automatically submit user input and selection to 3rd party HTML-forms given by your service provider.

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Custom JS handlers

Execute custom JavaScript code when form initialized or successfully submitted.

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Advanced targeting system

We adjust how and where to display popups. It can be posts, pages, products, custom post types filtered by any available taxonomies.

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Smart Features

We program for you all you do is place the code we generate according to your needs via our instruction or we handle it 100% for network customers.

  • Built-in Theme Manager. Create and manage custom form themes.
  • Pre-populate fields. Do it with dynamic data from URL or by setting static default values.
  • User input editor. You can easily edit, empty or delete data submitted by user.
  • Confirmation system logic. Show confirmations based on user input and selection.
  • User input filtering. Use optional filters to strip unwanted submitted data.
  • Performance optimized. Plugin is well optimized for better performance.
  • Google Analytics event tracker. Track form submission events.
  • Zero Programming. No coding knowledge is needed to use Green Forms.
  • Sidebar widget. Add forms to sidebars from WordPress widgets (WP version only!).
  • WPML support. Green Forms works with WPML (WP version only!).
  • Multisite support. Green Forms works with Multisite (WP version only!).
  • Custom CSS and classes. Add them to any form elements.
  • Native themes. Plugin goes with pre-defined native themes for any needs.
  • Fully responsive. Forms look nice on any devices.
  • Unlimited notifications. Unlimited emails can be sent from a single submission.
  • Conditional logic on notifications. Send emails based on user input and selection.
  • Field validation. Validate user input using 14 built-in validators.
  • Advanced email validation. Check MX-record of domain.
  • Custom error messages. Show custom error bubble based on validation result.
  • 3rd party MySQL database/table. Insert form data into 3rd party MySQL database/table.
  • Google Fonts. Use hundreds fonts to customize form elements.
  • 1500 icons. Green Forms works with latest Font Awesome pack.
  • RTL support. Green Forms works with RTL sites.
  • Support. We are ready to help you as fast as possible.
  • Documentation. Green Forms is well documented.
  • Ajax-powered. Forms are submitted without any page refreshing.
  • Integration with CRM/marketing tools. Green Forms works with 48 providers such as MailChimp, Zoho CRM, etc.
  • Conditional logic on integrations. Perform integrations based on user input and selection.
  • Integration with payment providers. Green Forms works with 15 payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc.
  • Integration with SMS gateways. Green Forms works with popular SMS gateways.
  • Integration with email validation services. Green Forms works with Clearout, Kickbox and TheChecker.
  • Double opt-in. Request users to confirm email addresses.
  • Sensitive data saving. Decide which user data must be saved in database.
  • Print data and save as PDF. Export user inputs into PDF-file or print it.
  • Export/import forms. Easily move forms between different installations.
  • Duplicate forms. Easily create a copy of exiting form.